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Resizing your JPG image.

At you can resize pictures (JPG, GIF and PNG) to any desired size. After resizing the image will be displayed so you can save it to any location you want.

Basic Mode

After you've selected the image with the browse button you can choose to give a new size manually or use the predefined ( most often used) sizes.

Basically you have 3 options to enter a new size :

  • Enter Height and Width
    This will force the image to fit the new size, regardless of the width/hieght proportions.
  • Enter only 1 of Height and Width
    When you only fill in the Width, the new Height will be calculated automatically.
    When you only fill in the Height, the new Width will be calculated automatically.
  • Use one of the Predifined sizes
    This selection of sizes are the most commenly used on previous resizes.

Expert Mode

The Expert Mode will overide the default settings so you can adjust the compression quality and rotation. It's also possible to flip (mirror) your images in 2 directions.

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